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I've watched this horror/comedy movie many times called "Critters"(1986). It's the first "Critters" movie out of a total of four of them, and its about these creatures from outer space who come to earth and crash land on a Kansas farm near the fictional town of Groversbend and they have a taste for human flesh and also have these darts that shoot out of their spines to knock out their prey. Anyways, these critters, also called krites, terrorize the Brown family played by; 1)Jay Brown(Billy Green Bush), 2)Helen Brown(Dee Wallace-Stone), 3)April Brown(Nadine Van der Velde), and 3)Bradley Brown(Scott Grimes)and they fight a losing battle against the critters because there's simply too many of them and the family finally gets help w/ the arrival of two bounty hunters who came to hunt down the critters. To make a long story short the critters are ultimately defeated when they're back in their space ship getting ready to leave earth because their ship explodes from a big fire cracker and a Molotov cocktail that was thrown into the ship but not before the critters use the ship's weapon, which I think looked like a disruptor-style beam, to blow up the Brown's house. In the morning scene though, the house is magically put back together because of a device, I don't remember what it was called, that one of the bounty hunters named Ugh(Terrance Mann) gave to Brad. And of course at the end, the family goes back inside and then the next scene shows that critters eggs were laid which obviously led to the next one, "Critters 2; The Main Course". I've also seen the second one as well and it still had Bradley Brown in it but not the rest of his family and it was simply stated that the Brown family had moved somewhere else despite the fact that there house was rebuilt in the way I just mentioned and there was no mention at all of where the Browns moved to, not even a mention if they moved to another part of Kansas or out of state, and I was just curious if you might know why the Brown family's moving out was mentioned only very vaguely?

Hi David, first let me say CRITTERS was one of my favorite "guilty pleasure" movies from the 80s. Just a fun movie to watch!

As far as your question goes....I cannot find anything for a fact but I feel that when they went to make the sequel , they just couldn't get all the same cast members back for one reason or the other. This happens a lot with sequels so most of the time the new movie just doesn't explain some things as to why it has new actors/characters. I think this is what happened with CRITTERS 2. They just didn't think it really mattered to explain where the Brown's went. They just decided to introduce a new family and bring back the "main attraction" the Critters themselves. I hope I helped you even though this is just my opinion, I feel pretty confident that I am very close to what happened.

Take care, Danny

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