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Horse Racing/Castration (gelded ) 3 yr old standardbred.


We have recently gelded our 3 year colt who was placed 1st and 2nd at his last two recent starts. Reason being he was becoming a little boisterous in stall company at the races.
My question is, how long after the castration / gelding process (done in veterinary surgery)do you consider that it would be a reasonable time to again begin serious training subject to there being NO relevant medical complications?.
Your opinion and response will be really appreciated.



Thank you for your question.  I am not a vet so I cannot give you medical advice when it comes to your horse.  I can only tell you what I would do in the same situation.

It is best to get your gelding walking for a few days, then trotting for a couple of days to see how he responds. Watch for excessive swelling and heat or drainage. If you suspect your horse is not tolerating the exercise very well as you reintroduce movement, be sure to call your vet.   Otherwise, you should be able to return to his regular work cycle in about 10 days to 2 weeks.   However I would give about 30 days after castration before I worked him hard.

Hope that helps!  

Maureen Millen

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