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I'm trying to find out where I can find used starting gates or info on building them >

Hi Glenda:

Thanks for your question - this is a little out of my expertise, but I have had this question before and here are a couple of answers that I gave previously.

Quote - Sorry for the delay - I work at Oaklawn Jockey Club and we had a very busy weekend, what with the Rebel Stakes and some very good racing for the whole week.

I've discussed your question with the track maintenance personnel and found out that all thoroughbred tracks purchase their starting gates from manufacturers so there are no plans available at that level.

I then did a search on google for "Horse Racing Starting Gates" and came up with a whole bunch of companies that manufacture and sell starting gates, but I was unsuccessful in coming up with any plans so that you could make your own.

It might be possible for your to do the same google search and contact some of them to see if they will sell the plans only, but I don't think you will be successful.

I did find an interesting article on "How To Train Young Horses To Go Into The Starting Gate" - this was at

Quote - Thanks for your question. No, I don't know how to contact Randy The Fence Man. He wrote a follow-up to my answer that I quote here:

Randy the Fence Man wrote at 2009-09-24 14:00:51
That is correct, most manufacturers will not sell just the plans because they have no quality control over the welder fabricating the finished product. It can be really bad for business if the welder does not do a good job. With that said, I currently have a 2-horse Coffee Custom Made starting gate on wheels for sale, with manual start, a starting bell, padded sides and tail gates, and numbers above the stalls for $6,450.00. I have completely reconditioned the unit, sandblasted, primed, and am waiting for the new owner to decide the color of the pads and finish coat of paint. This is about $3,000 less than my competitor's price!

He did not leave a way to contact him and all of my searches have failed to come up with a way to contact him. I would point out that his follow-up was dated September a year ago so the chances are he has already sold it. - Unquote

Hope this helps.

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