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hello sir, may i know which is the correct spot to smack the horse for changing its lead?

You should not be "smacking" a horse to change leads. A horse should know, with training, when to change leads. A jockey will shift weight and or give cues with the reins. There are many methods riders use, but I teach young riders to pull the head, with the rein, away from the side you wish the horse to change to and throw your weight into the direction where you would like the horse to pick up the lead. Shift your weight toward the open shoulder, opposite of the direction you pulled the head. Pull the head first, hold it, then when shifting weight, pull the rein back into the direction the horse needs to switch to. This is hard to explain and better with hands on practice. Eventually the horse will learn these cues and may just change leads with slight rein or weight shift. He may even do changes on his own as he realizes he can more efficiently run this way.

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