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hello sir, may i know which is the correct spot to smack the horse for running much faster?

I'm sorry. I thought I had answered this question but I guess it didn't go through... Anyway...

There is really no way to "make" a horse run faster with a whip. A whip only encourages a horse to push harder and to remind him the race isn't over. The whip should be used sparingly and skilled jockeys rely on the whip less than poor riders. Most tracks have strict rules on where a horse is allowed to be struck with a whip and some tracks even require a "soft bat" whip. The whip has been a topic of controversy over the years since it's widely perceived as brutal. Most tracks do not allow horses to be hit past the shoulder toward the head and neck. A rider can even be fined if a whip brushes the horse's ears, at some tracks. The head, neck, face, belly and soft areas at the stifle are also restricted. The flank and shoulders are commonly allowed only. If a rider excessively whips or leaves welt marks on the horse, then he may be penalized if the judges decide it was excessive. The way a whip is used in rhythm with the horse's stride is more effective than the area or firmness of the strike. Timing is key to the use of a whip. The belly area is sometimes believed to be the most effective area to move a horse, but it is illegal in most jurisdictions.  

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