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hello sir, i am totally new to thoroughbred horse racing punting. can you give me few suggestions how to win the bet?

Hi Rohit:

Thanks for your question.

Horse racing is a very complicated form of entertainment and there are many ways to wager. 95% of the wagering public lose almost every time they go to the track - 5% of the public are able to make money in a consistent manner.  In order for someone new to the game to be successful, you have to do a lot of studying before you ever make a bet.  I would recommend that you to go this web site - there you will find a listing of tracks for almost every track in the USA (I am not familiar with any of the tracks outside of the USA).  You can go to each track's web site and study their tips for making wagers.  After you have looked at about 20 tracks and studied their information for novice wagering, you should then practice handicapping and looking at the results to see how you would have done (virtual wagering#.  Only when you become successful in making virtual wagers #play bets) should you risk any money of your own.

I hope this has helped you and if you feel I have answered your question satisfactorily, please leave me a favorable rating.

Thanks again for your question.  

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