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QUESTION: I am from India where majority of races are Handicap Races of various classes.The Class to Class range is 10 KG.I am interested in Normalising the Timings Clocked in 2 ways
 1.From the Times clocked for 1000 Mtr to say 2000 Mtr to be normalized to a Distance of 1600 Mtrs in the same class
 2.From the Timing for a Distance say 1200 Mtr in one class to next higher class.The Statutory Penalty is 10 KG

ANSWER: hi i am not sure what you are asking me?   our races are always timed from the second the gates open, till they cross the wire at the finish. we have no difference in any race which is timed. they are all timed the same way.  thanks ED HESS

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

  I am afraid I have not made myself clear.My query is
   1.I suppose there are Handicap Races divided into classes in your country.So in such a case how to do the Timings of Higher Class compare with Lower Class for a Distance say 5 furlongs?
   2.Second question is about Timings clocked in the same Handicap Class for 2 distances say 5F and 6F.Can we arrive at Timing for 6f from the 5f time and extrapolating it?
   Class to Class difference is 10Kg(20lbs) and Ratings are in 1/2Kg ie 1Lb.
    Hope I have made myself clear.

hi   well all horses run differently at any such time. so on a good day the higher class horses could run acutally slower then the lower class horses in the races. so they do compare in the race timings.  i don't think you can compare  race distances for timing. say a 6 fur long race in 110 and a 5 furlong race in 59. they are 2 different speed ratings, so it is hard to compare the spped difference.  thanks ED HESS  

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