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QUESTION: hello sir. in at our local racetrack, horses are hand walked in the morning and everything for solid 45 minutes. may i know what is the purpose of hand walking a horse? is it an exercise for them?

ANSWER: hi  this is a usual thing that we would do if the horse is not schedualed for a gallop or work out that day.  lots of trainer do a lot of walking in the training.  thanks ED HESS

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QUESTION: thanks for the answer. is walking an exercise for the horse?

hi i don't think that walking is a exercise for a horse. it is a part of the training you do. most every horse walks quite a bit in their trainng. they enjoy it very much. it is a relaxation for them also. a happy horse is a good horse. thanks ed hess

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Have trained thoroughbreds for 30 odd years. Have been a licensed trainer for that long of time. I continue to train my race horses and thoroughly enjoy every day.


Experience: Licensed trainer for over 30 yrs. Have had lots of winners in all different types of races - from bottom claimers to top quality stakes winners. My best money winner was Aristocratic Cross (multiple stakes winner). My best claiming horse was Navajo Family, winner of 12 races in one year. I still enjoy racing a modest stable of horses each year.

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