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hi sir. i have few doubts. please clear them.

in trackwork terminology, what does the below mean?
1) pair finished level.
2) caught the eye
3) pleased
4) impressed
5) speedy
6) note
7) good
8) a fine display
9) Outstanding Display.

Hi Rohit
         No problem, the terms really speak for themselves and sound quite normal.
1.  Two horses trained together and at the end of their final gallop, they finished side by side. Another saying would be, "finished on terms".
2.  This term applies to a horse that performed better than expected and it stood out.
3.  The trainer was pleased with its work, it did what it was expected to do.
4.  Obviously this applies to a horse that did a lot better than expected.
5.  Probably finished off well with a bit of fast pace work.
6.  As it says, 'Take note' or one to watch in the near future.
7.  Good is good, see 3.
8.  See 4.
9.  As it says, it really impressed and preformed above expectations.

Hope this helps.
Re your FB request, I dont use it much so I will decline, thanks.
Don Boddie  

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