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mesh goggles
mesh goggles  
QUESTION: hello sir. how are you? i have attached an image of a horse wearing mesh goggles. may i know when to use that equipment on horses?

ANSWER: Hi Caine,
         Mesh goggles are often used to protect the horses eyes from flying dirt, mud or cinders when racing. If a horse has an eye infection or injury, not serious enough to prevent it racing, but that needs protection, goggles may be used.
The trainer needs to declare to stewards the use of goggles or any other attachment which may affect the performance of the horse.
Don Boddie
New Zealand

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks for the answer. apart from eye infection, can i use it on horses which bolt out frequently?

Hi Caine,
         Yes, you could however I doubt it would have the desired effect. I suspect the problem of bolting is related to something else rather than eyesight.
You did not give any information about the nature of the problem however I suspect you are referring to your horse being difficult to manage as it leaves the starting gates. If this is the case I suggest you try walking your horse through the gates a few times then trotting through and so on. Let the horse get comfortable with various speeds so that its gate manners improve.
If it is happening during a race when you are trying to settle the horse into a trail (following behind another horse) then it is a matter of practice. Instead of training beside another horse, have one lead a bit ahead of your horse and vary the pace from trotting to a fast canter. The bad habit will go away as the horse gains confidence.

Another option worth trying is a fluffy shadow roll, placed across the nose tends to get them to focus on that and improve their manners.

I hope I have correctly identified what the problem is and that my suggestions will over time correct the behavior of your horse.

Don Boddie

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