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When looking at some Allowance races they are written as "other than". It list maiden, claiming and starter. My questions is if a horse won a NW1 allowance race and a new race is posted and the other than excludes wins in claiming and starter does it also exclude AOC, SA and SOC races? Is a horse that won a NW1 and has won a SA, a AOC and a SOC still eligible for an Allowance NW2 ?

hi    aoc  sa  soc short for the races you are talking about. not sure what kind of races that you are talking about. if a horse has won a race other then what the condition sates , then you would be eligable to enter that race. if you won a claiming race or a starter race and you are entering this kind of other then race you should be eligable. if your horse won any other race other then what is listed in the condition of that race, then you are not eligable.  example    if your horse has won a non winners of 1 in life time and the conditions say's other then claiming or optinal starter races then you could have won a lot of claiming or stater races and still be eligable for that race. condition books are written to fill races and they put all kinds of conditions  to get in these races. if you are not sure when you enter your horse in one of these races, your entry clerk can look up your horses condition for you and see if you are ok to be entered in this particular type of race.  hope that helps you. thanks ED HESS  

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Experience: Licensed trainer for over 30 yrs. Have had lots of winners in all different types of races - from bottom claimers to top quality stakes winners. My best money winner was Aristocratic Cross (multiple stakes winner). My best claiming horse was Navajo Family, winner of 12 races in one year. I still enjoy racing a modest stable of horses each year.

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