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hello ma'am. a complicated question for you.

today(26/7/15) a 4 year old filly BOUQUET won the last race at our local racetrack. she raced at 1100 meters but was heavily exercised on 23/7/15 from 1200 meters and track report was IN GOOD CONDITION. i have attached a screenshot of our latest 4 track reports. please tell me how she won the race today even though she was exercised heavily and she may not eat out of stress.

indications : column 1 - exercise date ; column 2 - horse rating ; column 3 - horse name(jockey name)  RB means exercise rider and Apprt. means bug boy jockey ; column 4 - distance in meters, timing in minutes (EVENS) here in INDIA horses finish a furlong in 15 minutes ; column 5 - type of track (ST means outer sand track) ;

Equine Exercise Physiology
Equine Exercise Physio  

The 3rd day after a speed workout is a peak day.  This is also known as a rebound day, when the horse's physiology is rebounding (recovered) from the hard workout. To better understand the physiological aspect of conditioning the racehorse, I recommend the book "Equine Exercise Physiology", available at or other online book stores.  I have included a picture of the cover of the book for your convenience.

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