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hi sir. can horses to prone to ulcers through 100m swimming exercise once a day? my boss sends his horses to swimming daily in the evenings provided the horses are on light to moderate exercise in the monring. if they undergo a heavy exercise, evening would be a 40minutes hand walk.

hi i have never heard that one before. usualy a ulcer can be caused by the type of feed they are getting fed .swimming should be done alternating with reg gallops. swimming alone will not keep a horse fit. usualy you swimg and pony a sore going horse.after swiming you can cool them out like you said. thanks ED HESS

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Have trained thoroughbreds for 30 odd years. Have been a licensed trainer for that long of time. I continue to train my race horses and thoroughly enjoy every day.


Experience: Licensed trainer for over 30 yrs. Have had lots of winners in all different types of races - from bottom claimers to top quality stakes winners. My best money winner was Aristocratic Cross (multiple stakes winner). My best claiming horse was Navajo Family, winner of 12 races in one year. I still enjoy racing a modest stable of horses each year.

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