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Ed, the erratic performances of horses really baffles me. My hobby is trying to handicap races. Take the Rebel for instance. I don't understand how Whitmore was considered one of the favorites and how he came in second in the Rebel. His previous races were average at best, like at the Southwest he ran 1 1/16 in 105.7. His other races were not much better, except his 6F times were fairly good. What am I missing here?


Glenn Groh

Hi a lot of the times it could be type of track that he or she had run on before .I didn't see the race and I didn't have a chance to look at the past records of the horses who were in the race. There are so many reasons that a horse will jump up and run a great race. Jock change equipment change first time lasix. Track condition and also type of surface . like when they change from turf to dirt or synthetic.  Sometimes from short races to the distance races. A horse can run the 6 fur long races and show speed and stop, then win a 1 1/16 mile race. . I hope I helped you a little. Thanks ED HESS

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Have trained thoroughbreds for 30 odd years. Have been a licensed trainer for that long of time. I continue to train my race horses and thoroughly enjoy every day.


Experience: Licensed trainer for over 30 yrs. Have had lots of winners in all different types of races - from bottom claimers to top quality stakes winners. My best money winner was Aristocratic Cross (multiple stakes winner). My best claiming horse was Navajo Family, winner of 12 races in one year. I still enjoy racing a modest stable of horses each year.

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