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I have READ THE NOTIFICATION. I just got my first horse and am learning to ride on him. I use a curb bit and am considering getting a hackamore. He rides well with halter, just not as well as he would with the bit. He's older. What my question was sometimes he wants to go his own way and do his own thing. I hold the reins tight because if I don't he'll go do his own thing. What am I doing wrong? He is a very good horse and I want to keep the reins loose, as he does neck rein. Also he doesn't follow leg cues very well, any advice? He has been ridden by many people, been to many different owners, is there any way to bond with him? Thanks!

Stop pulling on REINS - watch my videos on riding with ONE rein, a horse can't pull unless it has a rider that is pulling. A rope halters is better than bosal, less care, and more consistent for the horse, less change, since the horse knows the halter for everything else.

One rein riding is the key for YOU to learn, not the horse. You pull on two since you don't know any other way. YOU have to learn and be convinced that you can control a horse with one rein and that you don't need to pull or fight with the horse.

You say the horse neck reins, I don't believe that, real neck reining horses do not pull. I did a video on neck reining and I would bet when you say your horse neck reins, he does NOT follow his nose, you pull his nose goes the opposite way his body does - a real neck reining horse will follow his head on a lose rein, if you pulling then your reins are NOT lose.

Like most horse problems, there are really people problems. When you get better, your horse will get better.  When you fix yourself, your horse will not need fixing.

Read my web site and watch my videos, I answer all these questions and many others.

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