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Horses/pony with seizures


carol murphy wrote at 2012-10-29 12:11:43
hi i was wondering if you could give me any answers still ? my vet said it wouldnt be worth all the scans ect as they might not find anything and just put it down to epilepsy , he has had a few more this year xxx


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Brendan Brennan


I can answer questions regarding equine behaviour e.g. general manners, obstinancy, lack of respect for humans, their fears, foibles etc. I can also deal with queries about classical dressage riding and showjumping, and general management of horses.


I am a qualified E.F.I. coach, and I have over 30 years experience of horses. I also have approx.20years experience as a horse whisperer, with my own method.

None at the moment, but a former member of The Irish Draft Horse Society, The Irish Showjumping Society and The Irish Pony Society.


High school graduation and certification as an E.F.I. equestrian coach (as part of the Irish National Coaching Development Programme)

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