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Anne Turner wrote at 2012-10-11 14:18:41
I have a 4mth old foal that I saved and she not only is incontinent but intersexed too.  (may be a hermaphrodite - not possitive confirmation yet).  She is always peeing down her legs and tail.. Her legs are such a mess.  She swats her tail up on her hind end and therefore spreads the urine everywhere and smells so back its insane.

I shampoo her every other day, I spray the invisible bandage from the top of her back end down to the hooves.  The idea being to treat her scabby rough looking legs and to protect the urine from getting directly on the skin.  She is not worse but not better either after one month.  I have her on antibiotics and gave a salt lick hoping she would drink more and dilute the murkiness of her urine as well as dilute the concentration and odour.  I wish you luck too.  Let me know about diapers or creams to use.  

cheryl wrote at 2013-06-18 22:00:56
I have a male gh that I adopted with the same problem.  He was that way when I got him.  I use Destin on his legs and have been for years.  It works well but can be a pain to wash off more so in the winter but we do the best we can.  


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