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Hello, I am going to start studding the equine fields in college then I plan on moving out of this state. (Ohio) I would like to work with mustangs(wild or tamed). What state would be a good decision? Also, What field when working with horses pays the most money?


You don't say what fields you are looking at studying and I don't know what's available at the college(s) you are applying to so this is going to be a little hard.  As far as working with Mustangs, they can be found in most states because of the BLM adoptions.  That's an organization you may want to contact for recommendations.  There is a Mustang rescue group in Ohio, I think in the Toledo/Sandusky area.  So you could contact them and get your feet wet working with Mustangs.  I don't know of any one field that is better than others for making money working with horses.  It depends more upon where you are and your talents and skills.  Your college may well be able to advise you better than I as to what fields are the most lucrative.  Most of us will tell you that having horses is the quickest way to the poorhouse.  I don't know of anyone who has gotten rich working with equines.  We do it because we love the horses.  

I probably haven't answered your question but have tried to give you ideas on where to go and look for information to get you started.  I hate to be vague but thre are so many variables that a definitive answer just isn't possible.



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