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I first wanted to say thank you for the last advice you gave me. The orange oil seemed to help.

Now I have another issue. When he canters clockwise hes fine and you don't notice anything off. either in the saddle or from the ground. When he goes counter clockwise while ridding he does crow hops and from the ground something looks off. He has never liked going this direction. Also he might have a bone chip in the hock of his back left when looking at him from his butt. I just cant tell if hes in pain when hes moving or if hes just doing it because hes being lazy. it looks like it may be stiff. i do warm him up at a walk and then a jog before i canter him.

thank you!


Glad I was of help before.

As to your current issue it sounds like he's got something physical going on.  Could be muscular could be a skeletal alignment issue.  As to a bone chip in the hock, you really can't know that until it's x-rayed.  Never known anyone, besides maybe Superman, who could look at a joint and detect a bone chip or other problem.  It could be the hock that is giving him the problem cantering counter clockwise since you suspect his left hock.  That would be the inside leg then and experiencing more weight and torque.  I would get the hock x-rayed to start and see what is going on there.  I would also get the horse chiropracticked and, if you can find one, I would get him some bodywork (massage) sessions to resolve any muscle issues he's developed from misusing himself.  

Horses can be lazy, but not selectively like this where they avoid doing one specific thing.  In this case he canters one way but not the other and generally does try to do what you ask.  He's got a reason behind his behavior now you just have to find it.  

In the meantime, I wouldn't ask him to canter counter clockwise.  His behavior indicates it's uncomfortable or painful and it isn't very considerate to ask him to try to do something that hurts.  Respect and consider his feelings and he'll do anything you want him to do because he'll trust you and know you won't get him hurt.  



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