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Horses/enlarged knee on elderly mare


We have a 24yr old QH mare. Her rt knee is the size of a grapefruit, but it is hard and doesn't feel warm. It seems the tendons on the outside from knee to hoof are stiffening. She can still walk on it, but limps a little and stands around a lot with her head at shoulder level.  When she walks, it seems to be a little stiff, but she still bends it a little.  It is very hard - it doesn't seem like usual swelling to me. She is kept at my parents' house (they are elderly) and when I came to visit, I saw it and asked about it.  Apparently, it became swollen and my dad put Absorbine linament on it and it reduced.  They hadn't noticed it was enlarged again, so I don't know how long it has been this way.  Any ideas?  I can't get her in at the vet's until after Christmas.   Thanks!


The vet is going to be better qualified than I am to tell you what is going on with the mare.  Without seeing her I can think of a dozen possibilities.  Anything from arthritis, bone chip, injury...see what I'm saying?  I would suggest poulticing it for a few days to see if you can bring the swelling down.  Just to make her more comfortable if nothing else.  I am afraid you will have to wait for a vet for a definitive answer to your mare's p;roblem




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