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I have to start a new question since I rated your answer on the last one, so I am sorry about that. I am sooo excited about the info you found on her offspring.  Does that include her previous name of Kiss Him or just her current name of Prelude to a Kiss?  My other ? is how do I go about getting her registration papers?  I have emailed the registration dept. from USTA but haven't heard anything.  Could it be because of the holidays?  Not sure what the next step is because the previous owner has no paperwork on her and has left it up to us.  Any help you have in this matter would be wonderful as you have been great so far!!! :)


P.S.  We would also like to know how to get all of her racing stats, foaling records, etc.

Hi Lisa.
  All the mare's records would be under her current name, "Prelude To A Kiss." Once a Standardbred has started either in a qualifier, at a fair or in any race, their name can not be changed. The same also applies once a horse (either mare or stallion) has been bred.
  The fact that the man you purchased the horse from didn't have her papers is probably not a good sign. It could indicate that he (the previous owner) wished the mare to be used only for pleasure, rather than trying to race her or breed her to a Standardbred stallion with the intention of selling and/or attempting to race her offspring. There are two ways you can go to try to get the mare's registration papers: first is to contact USTA. They could be slow because of the holidays or because of year end license renewels. I sent them a request last week and haven't received a response yet either. The other thing you could try is to contact the mare's last known owner, Clarence E VanDyke from Crumpler, NC.
  I got the foal records from the 2009 Sires And Dams, the last year that she was listed. In order to get the complete records of her racing and breeding career, you would probably need to open a Pathway account at USTA. It's a minimum of $20 to open an account, and then you are charged so much for each inquiry you make. Here is the address that explains Pathway. how to use it, prices for each record, etc:
  That's about it, I think. Have a Merry Christmas, and a wonderful New Year!
Anne Stepien


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