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QUESTION: we bought a standardbred mare about 1 1/2 yrs ago and the tattoo on her upper lip is really hard to read...anything i put in either puts her at 24 yrs old or 3 yrs old and she is neither.  i cant get a fix on what her tattoo says.  it looks like a 3 but could be a B or even something else that's faded...then what looks like either a G or a 6...then a 1 (pretty sure on that one#...then what looks like either a 2 or an 8...then a 7 #pretty sure on that one#.  she is a very dark bay with no white markings at all except where she was freeze fired on her right back hock right at her extensor tendon area #not sure why they freeze fired her there) and a freeze brand on her neck high up on the right side that looks like 07...any help would be greatly appreciated.


  Are you sure she's a Standardbred? Standardbreds stopped using lip tattoos probably 20 years ago and now use freeze brands on the right side of the horse's neck. If she is a Standardbred and has the letter G in her freeze brand or tattoo, she would be a 5 year old in 2013....or much older...too tired to do the exact math right now :(  Freeze fire marks on her hock or anywhere on her legs would indicate that she was treated for lameness in the area. I went to the US Trotting site and tried the various combination of G and the numbers you gave. All said that no matches were found.
  Is there any chance you can contact the person you bught her from to get more information?
Sorry I couldn't be more help. Best wishes, and have a wonderful Christmas!
Anne Stepien

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QUESTION: Just wanted to say thank you for trying, but we found her.  Her tattoo was P8187 and her name is Prelude to a Kiss.  And they still use tattoo's on younger horses because we found a lot.  We are in the process now of trying to get her switched over into our name.  Thank you again for trying.


   Glad you were able to find her! Make a note that her full tattoo/freeze brand is P81872. (Standardbreds ALWAYS have a combination of 6 characters in their freeze brands/tattoos.) Do you have papers on her? Her pedigree (Albatross out of a Bret Hanover mare) is one of harness racing's "Golden Crosses." If you were willing to spend the money and breed her to a good stallion, her yearlings should bring good money at the yearling sales!
  A little more background on her: she took a mark of 1:58.1 on a half mile track in 2000 and made a little over $10,000 at the races. She has one foal that I know of: A Firm Kisser, a gelding by Firm Belief born in 2001.
  Best of luck with her!
Anne Stepien

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QUESTION: Oh, thank you so much for that information...we have a gelding standing at our barn out of this mare.  She was bred when we bought her but it is out of a Walking horse stallion.  I thank you for that bit of info about her racing because we knew she had been on the track but didn't know any of her times.  Thank you again, you have been a wonderful help.


   Looks like 2 of her 3 foals were very good! Unity Road is still racing so he has probably gone over $100,000 in earnngs.

PRELUDE TO A KISS     (P81872,M)    [ 1995 , P , 5 , 1:58.1H   $10,872]  

Foal Listing

YOF Foal Name Reg.No. Sire Gender Prgny. Gait LTD Record LTD Earnings Last Raced
2001 A FIRM KISSER    XE3715 FIRM BELIEF    G     Pace    8, 1:58.4 H  $27,242 2012  
2003 CITRUS POWER    6AH538 SALINAS HANOVER    H          
2005 UNITY ROAD    4C4043 ON THE ATTACK    G     Pace    6, 1:51.2 M  $91,348 2012  


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