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I am writng about my daughters pony. The pony is 12,2 and my daughter is just 9 years old.The pony is very lazy when my daughter rides her , deaf  to the leg and then out of the blue she will take off with a 100 miles pr hour, twist and buck and throw  the girl to the ground.She has had some very bad falls.We have had this pony for 2 years in the spring and apparently this was also the problem with her , at the formeer owners.(they just never told us and we didn,t experience this until we got her home)I just wonder if there is anything we can do to change this behavior. I guess the pony is trying to tall us something or is this just bad behavior.We have tried to lunge the pony before riding,turning her out in the field before riding . None of this has helped, the pony is total predictable, and some lessons will go very well without problems and others will be total desaster.Thanks Marianne

ANSWER: Wow, anyone that knows anything about me would not ask me this. You write people on the internet without knowing anything about them and hope to get answer about a pony and your child without knowing anything about the person answering the questions? ?

Another pony getting blamed for the lack of knowledge of their owner.

This pony is not doing anything other than being a horse. And that is all it knows how to be.

watch this video of a so called bad pony and maybe you will see why should not be asking me of all people this question.

This problem, like most so called horse problems, is NOT a horse problem it is a people problem.

I have a large website and over 500 videos all free all it requires is someone to take the time to learn and educate themselves.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hi again, thank you for your answer,I guess all this came out wrong, I have been reading a lot on your webpage. Been working on groundwork , pressure and release. What i would like to ask is, if you think it would be possible to start over with the pony ,starting with groundwork and work on from there. and yes I realize that what happens at the moment is that the pony is learning to perfect to throw its rider off. No I do not think the pony is nasty or it is the ponys fault.
Best Marianne

Well your first question called the horse lazy, deaf to leg, unpredictable (you put predictable but then said some go good and some go really bad, so like the horse, I am not sure what you mean).

Not sure how you say yo are reading my web page and then ask if I think you can start over.

A common theme in all my videos and 500 page web site is it does not matter what happens before you get a horse, it only matters what you do. You say you had the pony for two years and then talk about the last owner. That is ridiculous. Someone who understands horses can take any horse and within minutes show immediate improvement since the horse will know what what it has to do.

The horse has to know you know when you handle it and it has to know your daughter knows when she handles it. So you trying to fix the horse for your daughter does not work, just like me trying to fix you over an email will not work.

Until you accept that you don't know and nothing will change. Until you know or find someone who does that can teach your daughter this will stay the same. By the same I mean you will own the horse for two years and will still be looking at the horse or the past owner or the trainer or the any number of other excuses people use when they don't know and don't want to accept that they are the problem and only they can be the fix.

So now you have your answer YES you can start over. Now what? the answer is the same and my answer does not change anything, it still has a pony with two years of learning and teaching that it can runs things and that no one understand it enough to change anything.


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