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Horses/I can't see very well


Hello my name is Stormy.
I'm blind and I can only see two feet infront of me.
I don't like to go faster than a trot or pace.
Would walk trot pleasure be an event that I con do?
Oh by the way I'm 29.


Congratulations on reaching such an advanced age!  If you were people you'd be in your early 80's.  I have a pony who is your age and doing very well.  But, he is special needs because his teeth are shot so he cannot each hay or grass.  Just quids it up and drops it.  So he gets fed a mush of beet pulp and hay cubes soaked, with a high fiber/high fat/low starch 3 times a day.  He's in great shape, still does lessons, goes for short drives and does pony rides a few times a year.  Still plays vigorously with a 20 yr. old Mustang gelding who is his bud.  But I don't ask  him to work like he did 10 yrs. ago.  

It's kind of up to you and what you are comfortable doing. If walk trot pleasure means a show class it might be more than you can handle with your limited sight distance because there will be other horses around you in the ring.  At 29 I think you've earned the right to pretty much do only things that you are happy doing.  If you enjoy going out on a little trail ride with a friend fine but I think being in a large group of unfamiliar horses would be hard on you with your limited vision.  



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