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hello. may i know how to correct CROSS CANTERING in horses?


Does the horse cross canter on both leads or just one?  The reason I ask is because if it's just one lead then I suspect there is a physical issue involved which actually prevents the horse from cantering properly on one lead. Most likely in the hind end.  If it's both leads then it's another story.  In that case you need to work the horse in a small enough circle that he can't cross canter because of the tightness of the turns.  I have only seen 1 case where a horse simply couldn't figure out how to canter on a lead correctly.  All the other problems had underlying issues.  Cross cantering is awkward for horses, actually rather difficult for them to do and they don't do it naturally.

Give me s bit more information as to whether the horse is consistent or just cross canters sometimes.  How old is the horse, and what has it had in the way of training?  I can give you a better answer if I know a little more about the problem.  


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