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Hi Lisa,
I've arranged to adopt a mini-horse, and would like to adopt a little jenny who really needs a new home. The little gelding is about 225 miles away in central NC, and the mini-donkey is about 600 miles away in KY. I feel we have alot to offer these rescues, if only I can get them here. Frankly, I think the cost of shipping these little guys keeps many of them from otherwise wonderful homes.  I don't have a trailer, but I do have a pickup. I've seen truck bed pens carrying goats, pigs, and even minis, and I've located some transport pens expressly constructed for truck bed use.
My question: is it safe to transport a mini-horse using a small livestock transport pen, secured in the truck bed, with a stable floor pad and shavings on the floor? I would also put tarp on the sides to keep the wind down as we travel. Regardless of the cost effectiveness, I would not want to do anything that could be risky for them.
Thanks very much for your help.


Hi, sorry for the delay, I missed the original email.   Transporting a mini horse that way may be safe- the biggest concern is securing the pen in the back of the truck.  Also, you should check with the state's you will be traveling through to make sure there are no restrictions with transporting an animal that way.  

Personally, I would not transport that way, to me it can be too risky not knowing how the mini would react.

Have you checked out the Yahoo group horserescuerailroad?  You may be able to find more inexpensive options there.

Good luck!


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