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I ride my friend's horse(Cambria) and she rides her other horse(Amber)on trail rides together all the time.  Cambria has a habit of following Amber and not listening to my commands, especially when we are galloping.  I recently lost my balance on her and pulled on the reins and told her to stop but she kept running and I fell off.  She did this because she was following Amber who was galloping and she ignored me. Also, if you take Cambria out by herself, she does not respond to commands and she will run back to the gate to go back in her pen.  How do I get Cambria to listen to me and not follow Amber?

p.s. Again, this is NOT my horse, she is my friend's horse so I can't control what they do with her.  However, I ride her a lot and she is great horse who just gets really excited. So, I would like to learn how to make her listen to me and respect me, not just follow the lead of other horses.

I'm not a barn witch, I'm just a teenage girl! Please help me?!

You may not be a barn witch but you are Not listening to the horse of to my videos or website. Your do not have horse eyes and are only seeing this from your human eyes.

The horse has a habit since that is what it is allowed to do. YOU lost your balance since you have a poor seat and can't ride very well. You pulled on the reins and caused pain to the horse with a metal pain device bit in his mouth. The horse ignored you since you don't know what you are doing. The horse runs back to gate since you don't know how to stop it.

You people always want to ask for help but you don't want to listen to me or the horse.  The horse is telling you all what I just said but you don't want to hear it.  You want a fast easy answer and there is not one.

I have over 500 videos and 500 page web site, how much more can I say. The information is there but it takes YOU to put in the time and read it.  Do you really expect me copy and paste my entire web site here?

Either read my site and put the time in or keep running around and asking people for a fast answer, your choice. People never have time to put in the time to do it right but they always have time to do the wrong things over and over again.


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