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Horses/Barn Witches exist in CANADA too!!!



This is not a question. This is to say how TRUE your description of Barn Witches is!!! Too many of these nasty people in horses, and they are the people that cause other to complain...crazy horse people. I feel for the Pros having to put up with this garbage. Hope you do find the ones you should take legal action against...more of us should do it. I did complaint to police and reported the defamation, libel, slander, vexatious lies...some stating her horse was taken/stolen from her by me!!! All out over the internet...all lies just to feed her need for drama and thrive off causing problems for good decent hard working folks!!! Bravo to you to not stand for this and take legal action...I hope this will act as a deterrent to all the others...too late for me due to incompetent police...but wishing you the best!!!

Have a great day!!!

I know they are everywhere, and many tell me I am right and they are the biggest problem with people enjoying their horses.  Perhaps if more people call them out and give back to them what they give out, they will learn to shut up and worry about their horse.

With all the horses being sold and the bought by the unknowing and then trained by the unknowing and misinformed at most all barns, the cycle continued and horses keep paying for all the ignorance and ignorant Barn Witches.

The below link is the definition of a Barn Witch:

Here is a video where I allow others from all over the world to describe their own Definition of a Barn Witch:

The horse world is full of new people with little experience so many who have had a horse for only six months are looked at as experts since they more experience than most, that is why the same stupid things keeps getting passed on.

"In the land of the blind, the man with one eye is kind"  


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