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I have been ride for 6+ years and am thinking about getting a miniature horse. I understand they cannot be riden and have done alot of research. Could you give me any tips or extra information about them.
Thank you!


In my experience I've found that minis are smart and willing to work.  While not suitable for riding except by a very small child they can be driven.  I've seen them competing in shows in driving classes.  So that might be your best option.  To keep them around as pets sort of does them an injustice.  With too much time on their "hooves" they get into things.  The 2 I had were absolute escape artists.  And got into everything they could.  

Hope this answered your question adequately.  They can be a lot of fun to have, I loved mine to death.  Biggest problem is people want to overfeed them.  They don't really require a lot, about a flake of good hay a day will do unless they are working in which case a little low carb feed can be fed too.  Be aware that they do have a tendency to be insulin resistant so you have to manage their diet to keep them from getting too fat and suffering founder issues.  

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