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hello lisa. may i know why does horse mood change frequently? at a moment, they will be quiet and show love when we approach them. the next, they either bite, kick or rear seeing us.

Horses can be like people when it comes to moods - depending on what is going on, their environment, or just generall attitude for the day.....also body language can play a big part - if a horse is rearing and/or kicking at you, it is generally a rection to a negative input from a person, versus an issue with the attitude of hte horse. They will also usually give more subtle cues before resorting to physical actions.  

Take a look at what you and others are doing when the horses are quiet and accepting, and see if you can figure out what changes - does someone move suddenly, does a voice change/get louder - are the horses being touched somewhere they do not like...there are many variables.  


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