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1st mare
1st mare  
QUESTION: Have 2 mare that I have been told are standardbred I really can't make out their tattoos real well 1 is a bay she's around 16 hands no white around age 10 by her teeth tat looks like 6BS30 or 6BZ30 or maybe 6B230 the other is are around 16 hands she what I call a seal brown around age 10 no white markings tat 6C003 or 6C005

ANSWER: Hi Crystal.
  Please forgive my tardiness. I read your question and was going to go back when I had a little more time...and promptly forgot all about it :(  So sorry.
  First of all--thank you for the amount of info you provided! I don't believe these horses are standardbreds though: their neck tattoos are one character short. Standardbred lip tattoos or neck bramds ae always a combination of 6 characters long--usually 1 letter and 5 numbers, but occasionally 2 letters and 4 numbers. 6BS308 is indeed a 10 year old bay mare with no white markings. Her registered name is/was Woodmere Galfriday and the last known owner was Brenda Ohol from Lockport NY. 6C0038 is a 9 soon to be 10 year old brown mare with no white markings. Trgistered name: Nobodys Perfect. 6C0053 is a 9 coming 10 year old bay mare--no white markings--named Sadies Perfectlady.
  Wish I had better news for you! (Standardbreds are a great breed when their racetrack career is over.
  Best wishes with your girls!
Anne Stepien

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you for your help. I went on pathways to look at these mares by the names you gave me the sadies perfect lady says that her freezebrand is 6C00 which is 5 characters so I went into further looking on the site and it says standardbred have 5 charters. So I do believe these are standardbreds plus they single foot & pace. So how would I go about finding further info on them to know that the names you gave me are them? Does pathways show any pictures when you pay to look at them. Thanks

Hi Crystal. No pictures on Pathways. There is a bit of confusion re: tattoo numbers and registration numbers. It appears that the registration number is 6 characters long, but is listed in sales catalogues as the "Tattoo number", while the actual Tattoo number is only 5 characters long. For more information, I would suggest contacting David Carr. His e-mail address is Sorry for the confusion :(
Anne Stepien


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