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hello Lyn, how frequently to vaccinate my horse?


Vaccination schedules depend a lot on the area and what is prevalent.  Most people vaccinate in the Spring in this country for Eastern and Western Encephalomyelitis (EEE and WEE), Influenza, Equine Herpes (EHV1 and EHV4), and Tetanus.  In my area we also generally add Potomac Horse Fever and West Nile because it occurs here.  Strangles is something that if the horse comes in contact with a lot of strange horses or goes to a lot of strange facilities then should be done also. Most of us also vaccinate for rabies because our horses live outside in pastures and come into contact with wild life.  I have had several rabid skunks skunks show up over the years so everything on the place is vaccinated for rabies.  A horse should be vaccinated every year for EEE, WEE, Flu, tetanus, EHV1 and EHV4 and rabies. A vet can give you better guidelines for what you need to vaccinate for where you are that may be different or in addition to these.


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