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Horses/D ring bit usage


hello ma'am. may i know when to use a D ring bit on horses?

You sure do come up with some interesting questions.  Sometimes you just have to try different bits on a horse to find out what it likes best.  If the horse isn't responding well to whatever you start it on then switch to a different type.  I can't give you specific instance of when to use one.  Most horsemen have a collection of bits. They might start a horses in one and decide they need to use something else.  You want the horse comfortable and thus responsive.  There's a huge variety of things in bits. What the mouthpiece is made of, ie sweet iron, stainless steel, nylon , rubber, you name it. Size of the mouth pieces.  Diameter and actual width of the mouth. Too many variables involved. It becomes a judgement call and possibly a trial and error period to figure out what the horse likes but best.  


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