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Horses/eggbutt snaffle bit uses


hello ma'am. may i know when to use eggbutt snaffle bit on horses?


When selecting a bit to use you have to look at the horse's mouth to make the decision.  The purpose of the egg butt is to keep from pinching or rubbing the side of the horse's lip/corner of the mouth.  A horse with larger, thicker lips will often be more comfortable with an egg butt.  There is no hard and fast rule on when to use a certain type of bit.  It is very much dependent upon the horse itself. Many people try to substitute proper training with a bit rather than taking the time to train the horse properly.  I'm not a fan of bits, I ride in a hackamore.  I want my horses able to eat and drink freely on the trail.  I even drive my mare in a hackamore.  I actually drive her in the same bridle I ride her in.  You have to look a the conformation of the horse's jaw, is the mouth wide between the upper and lower jaws, are the bars wide or narrow, is the horse's tongue thick, in other words how much room for a bit is there in the mouth.  Then you have to make sure the bit is wide enough but not overly so.  And of course the bit is only as effective as the hands on reins.  

So it's pretty much a judgement call for you.  



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