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hello ma'am. presently we are using O ring snaffle on my horse. but, shes grabbing the bit too tightly with her molars. may i know why? what is her intention?

First off you need to adjust the bridle so she can't grab the  bit. It's hanging too loosely in her mouth. Secondly it's her way of evading the bit. This is a case where I would first check her mouth and make sure she has no dental issues that are giving her a reason to try to evade the bit. Wolf teeth, sharp edges on her molars are a couple of things to check. If that's not the problem then look at the fit.  Too narro/ wide, too thick/thin, what the mouthpiece is made of.  This is where you do so testing with different types of bits if there are no physical issues. Bits are not something that are one size fits all equipment. If that was the case there wouldn't be as many kinds as there are.  


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