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hello ma'am. in general, how many weeks does it take for a horse to get used to new climate (when i shift him to new place)?


How different is it?  We ship racehorses all over the US, from the cold northern states to places like Florida in the wintertime.  If there's a significant change in altitude that takes longer to acclimate to than temperature differences.  If the horse is used to being stalled probably less time.  If the horse is going a few hundred miles there probably won't be huge climatic differences.  I moved this summer, 257 mi. south and a little more west, into the mountains, with my horses.  Not a big deal.  Depending upon how long it took to transport the horse, hours/days? then the amount of time the horse needs to recover from the stress of shipping is adequate.  When we shipped 1,000 mi. in the fall to Florida from Kentucky we gave the horse's a week to recover from being vanned down with hand walking, grazing, bathing and clipping: just relaxation.  Then they got a week of light work, just jogging around the track a couple of times and we did some riding just around where we were stabled.  If they seemed fine and were eating well they went back to work after that week.  

So you sort of have to know your horse, what's normal for him, and just watch him.  If he took the shipping easy and it wasn't overly long then he may only need a week or so.  The is something I cannot give you a definitive answer on based on the small amount of information you gave me.  



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