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sprint or a route
sprint or a route  
hello. looking at confirmation of a thoroughbred yearling, how can i say that it is a sprint or a route racehorse? i have attached an image of a yearling. please tell me whether it is a sprint or route.

Hi Rohit.
  Conformation won't tell you anything about whether a horse will be a sprinter or a distance horse. The first hint will be the horse's pedigree. Some horses that are bred to go a distance may make a successful sprinter (due to an injury or a number of other factors) but it is rare that a horse bred to be a sprinter will find success at the longer distances. The next thing you want to look at is how the horse moves when he is turned out. Stand at the opposite end of the paddock where the horse is turned out and watch the horse run towards you. A sprinter will seem to almost float over the ground; a horse with a solid gait will be more likely to handle a distance. You also want to watch the way the horse moves his legs in comparison to each other. For example, a horse might "wing" or "paddle" one front leg, and carry the other in a normal way.
Here's a brief clip on gait analysis you might find helpful:
  Good luck!
Anne Stepien


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