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straight tail
straight tail  
QUESTION: hello ma'am. i have attached an image of a horse carrying a straight tail while galloping. what does it mean?

ANSWER: Rohit,

Nothing in particular.  I've seen lots of thoroughbreds with their tails like that.  


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QUESTION: thanks for the answer. staying on the ground watch a horse and the rider passing by me, how can i judge that the horse is running on its own without rider's effort?


On the track you look at the amount of hold the rider has on the horse.  You know that the horse isn't running on his own if the rider is urging him either with his hands or whip.  If the rider is just going with the horse, not exhibiting a lot of movement other than that required to ride, figure the horse is doing it on his own.  Talk to the exercise rider; find out what his opinion is of the horse's performance.  As a trainer you tell the exercise rider/jockey how to ride the horse that time.  As an exercise rider I always had to report to the trainer after I worked the horse how it felt, what if anything I noticed, etc.  

You learn to develop and eye after a while especially if you've ridden them first.  



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