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Horses/buddy partner for cantering


hello. i requested my instructor to teach me canter when i was trotting a horse in the morning at our local riding school. he told me to wait for another rider so that we both can canter. my question is, don't horses canter all alone with the rider? do they require a buddy partner for cantering? the horse what i was trotting was a mare. very quick tempered. she wont a second rider mount on her once the rider dismounts.

You need to listen to your instructor and follow their instructions. s I do not know the horses and the area you are riding in, and your instructor does, you should be asking htem this question, and many of hte other ones you ahve asked me. I do not want to be rude, but I am starting to feel like you are questioning what your instructor is trying to teach you and looking for answers elsewhere.  The instructor is the best person to ask, as they are right there, know the horses and can probably explain things quote well if they are a good instructor.  


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