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Horses/horse with pounding stride


QUESTION: hello. I am Rohit. an ardent lover of horses. can you please figure out which horse has got pounding(pointed) stride in the video link i have attached?

ANSWER: Rohit,

The gray definitely is heavy on the front end hence the pounding stride you describe.  The horse badly needs a decent trim job.  The feet are very much out of balance, too long in the toe and low in the heel.  Getting that corrected would help this horse a lot.

Does this answer your question?

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QUESTION: did you mean the horse which is positioned in the last or the you meant the paint horse?


The horse that was last, the grey.  The paint has rather straight shoulders so doesn't have a long stride due to the way it's built but it's gait was even.  The grey was very choppy and the feet were so out of balance that the horse is winging it's RF foot.


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