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QUESTION: hello, may i know how to trot a horse that has a pounding or pointed stride( horse which knees doesnt bend much)? i mean, posting or sitting trot? really feeling very uncomfortable.

ANSWER: Rohit,

Posting a trot is almost always more comfortable for both you and the horse.  I can only sit a very slow jog trot, anything faster I post. Easier on both of us.

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QUESTION: what about a horse that has pounding stride? posting or sitting? frankly speaking, very uncomfortable ride i experienced trotting a marwari filly.


Whatever works for you.  I personally cannot sit more than a very slow jog trot due to back injuries 22 years ago. As a massage therapist I can tell you that it doesn't do the horse's back any good either.  Posting is the easiest on you and the horse.  Be sure to change diagonals regularly.  If posting for long distances I change about every 5 min. or so if going in a pretty much straight line.  


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