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Horses/sitting or posting trot on pounding stride horse


hello. yesterday i trotted my friend's horse at his farm house. i felt like she has a pounding(pointed) stride when i have done posting trot on her. she was trotting fast and i felt very uncomfortable. would you suggest me to do posting trot or sitting trot on horses that has pounding stride?

Hello Rohit,

It will not matter if you post or sit. The horse needs to be trained and obviously she has not been. Nor do you know how to do it. She needs her tempo regulated and that requires a rider who is accustomed to schooling horses.

Your posting fast with her fast gait only helps her to go even faster. If you sit you will hurt her back because your seat is not yet secure.

I would like to see that you take lessons on a well schooled "school" horse instead of trying to learn harum scarum on difficult mounts. It is like the blind leading the blind.

I have already responded to many of your questions.  I think the point has been made that you need many many lessons.




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