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Horses/fillies bad than colts


hello. may i know why fillies are quarrelsome when compared to colts during training?


It's because they're girls and a lot of trainers, especially males, don't realize that.  Fillies are the equine equivalent of young, teenaged girls.  Opinionated, feeling the hormonal changes going on as they mature and a bit more on the thinkers side than the boys.  Girls like to be "asked" to do something not "ordered",  like the boys.  Don't go looking for a fight and you won't have it.  I'm a mare rider, I like my girls, but I'm a girl so I understand them.  Guys will never understand females, be they human or equine.  I've never had a problem training fillies.  But once on your side much more loyal than the boys.  Fillies don't like to be pushed around.  They will accept discipline when warranted but it's easier just to not start an argument in the first place.  And it can take longer to get a filly/mare to work with you if they've become defensive and hostile with a lot of bad handling.  They aren't as forgiving as the boys.


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