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hello. may i know what is a pressure point in horses? what is the purpose of it? is it going to harm the horse


Pressure points exist at various points on the body and in many cases are one of the reasons a particular piece of equipment works.  Case in point is the bosal used by Western-style riders.  Properly set on the horse's face it works on pressure points on the horse's nose.  So-called control halters made of knotted rope often have 2 knots on the noseband that correspond to pressure points on the nose.  The pressure applied is the result of discomfort to which the horse responds.  Hackamores, not mechanical ones as much as regular hacks, also work on pressure points.  These are areas where it doesn't take much to evoke a fairly strong response so the equipment being used requires subtle touch to get a soft response.  It doesn't have a purpose, it's just a part of the way the horse is built. Humans have pressure points often used in fighting. You can cause a fair amount of discomfort at which point in time the horse may just have a fit because it's hurting.  Use of equipment, specifically bridles, requires soft, light hands because it takes only slight pressure for control. I see people all the time hauling on a horse's head and mouth if the horse is wearing a bit with their hands, yanking it's head around, it makes me a little sick to watch.  The poor horses.

Hopefully this answers your question.  


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