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hello Lyn. i have attached a youtube video link of correcting aggression in horses. i really didnt understand how come this exercise correct aggression. can you please explain me?


It's actually explained pretty well in the video.  The trainer is showing that he's in charge, not the horse, when in this case the mare exhibits aggressive behavior.  Undesirable behavior is countered with making the horse work under your control.  This is true of all least resistance training.  Simply make it easier, more pleasant for the horse to do what you ask vs what they want to do.  In this case bite.  Some horses it takes a little longer to figure out that it's easier to do what you ask but they do.  He did stress that this is not a one-time exercise.  It may take several weeks and multiple repetitions to get it through the horse's head that it's simply not acceptable behavior and will be answered with making them do work.  He said 2-3 wks in some cases; I've had to spend as long as a month countering undesirable behavior before the horse finally decides it's easier to do it my way.  

Bottom line it's all about establishing who runs the show, you or the horse.  The horse needs to respect you and accept that you are the boss.  Some are more resistant than others but patience and persistence will win out.  


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