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Horses/trotting without stirrups


hello Lyn. today i trotted a thoroughbred for 10 minutes without stirrups. GOD!! it was really painful. how can i stay balanced and sit comfortable trotting without stirrups?


Yeah, it's hard!  You have to grip with your knees and lower leg to post without stirrups.  An exercise I had all my student riders do.  I have had to ride miles without one stirrup when one failed.  You really aren't supposed to post from your feet but from your knees for the most part anyway.  It really improves your balance, that's why most instructors do it.  You have to develop leg muscles. If you only ride weekends then do some exercise during the week to help build your leg muscles.  Stair climbing, walking, jogging especially with small weights, all help but nothing really replaces time in the saddle.


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