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hello Lyn. i was slightly bouncing in the seat while cantering(it was my first lesson). i mean, my butt was slightly raising up and then sitting down. how to correct it? does this get corrected automatically through few more canter lessons as i visit in the weekends only?


I read both your questions and will answer both of them in this response.  You have to learn to sit a canter.  Not something you will do on your first lesson, believe me.  You have to figure out how to move with the horse, taking the bounce of the gait through your shoulders and hips.  It takes practice.  Some people catch it quicker than others.  A lot depends upon the gait of the horse also.  Some horses have very smooth canters, others do not.  Since you can only ride weekends then it may take you a little longer.  People who have ridden dirt bikes on rough terrain have learned to take the bounce of the bike and seem to pick up doing it on the horse quicker.  That's about all I can tell you.  Your grip is your knees and legs, yes, but you really have to learn how to follow the motion of the horse to not bounce.  Otherwise you seemed to be doing it correctly from your description.  It just takes practice, practice, practice.  You'll get it at some point.  Just keep trying.


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