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Horses/bowed tendon horse - trot and slow canter


hello Lyn. my friend, a groom at our local racetrack was ready to sell off a 6 year old thoroughbred gelding who suffered from bowed tendons. but, today when i saw him trotting on river sand for 3km, i was taken a back. would you suggest me to buy that horse? i would trot for 1/2 hour and other day slow canter.


Without seeing the horse and personally checking the tendons I cannot advise you about it.  Tendons that have been bowed and allowed to heal can let the horse return to work.  A great deal depends upon how severe the initial injury was, where on the tendon the damage occurred, what kind of care the horse received after the injury, how long has it been since the horse was injured - way more than I can do long distance.  From your question it sounds like he bowed tendons on both legs, front legs I assume.  That alone gives me pause.  Generally both tendons don't bow, normally it's just one.  I would suggest either getting the horse vetted or at least having someone who really knows about horses look at it and see what they think.  This is not something I can really help you with.


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