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Hi Lyn. Sam here. I would to know which equine profession would you suggest me that is highly demanding and good paying in your country? My choice is equine nutritionist. What would you say?


While many of us work in horse-related professions few of us get rich.  In many areas of this country there is a real shortage of equine veterinarians.  I can't really say what are fields that are in demand.  Equine nutritionists generally work with feed companies or are involved in feed research.  I know alternative therapies are becoming very hot - chiropractic and acupuncture are 2 big ones.  I wish I could help you more but I can really only advise from what I see in my line of work.  I wish I could help you more with this, it's a big decision you are making.  Keep doing more research, possibly through the social networks, contacting people who are in the field.  Dr. Sarah Ralston, a friend of mine, is an equine nutritionist and works at Rutgers University in NJ.  She might be able to better advise you than I can. I'm sure she's on Facebook and quite probably LinkedIn as well.  


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