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sweet itch on neck
sweet itch on neck  
hello Lyn. does this mare has sweet itch on her neck? i am able to find slight bald spots. if it is sweet itch, can you tell me how to fix this problem?


This is an allergic reaction to something.  Bug bites, some components in fly sprays, a fungus in the ground from rolling, there are a lot of possibilities.  But, it's an allergic reaction to something the horse has come in contact with.  Could be in the bedding, on the ground, really hard to say without knowing more about what your horse's environment.  It can also be caused by a particular type of intestinal parasite migrating through the skin.  Although you generally see that in more areas than just the neck and shoulders.  If she hasn't been wormed recently then I would worm her.  Otherwise, if you can figure out what is causing the reaction and stop the exposure to it then you  will get this cleared up.  In the meantime I suggest making up a spray solution of water (I used bottled water for purity), witch hazel and about 12 drops of tea tree oil per ounce of water/witch hazel mix.  Spray it on a couple of times a day.  The witch hazel will soothe the skin and the tea tree oil is a pretty effective antiseptic/antifungal agent.  

Hopefully this will help.  


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